What you should not do in social media

In this century, social media network is gain their popularity day by day. They changed the way of communication with friends and family.  Now the question is, are you secure in your social life? Have you ever thought about if your account get compromised how much it can affect your real life?

Here are some tips about what you need to avoid in your social life and get secure (Actually nobody is secure in this internet :p )

  • Never use easy password: The stronger your password, the harder it is to guess.
  • Careful about what you sharing: Sometimes we are sharing something that is useful for hackers. Such as, If you set your security question is “What is grandpa name?” then you post a status about your grandpa! This is critical information for hackers. So be careful about sharing information.
  • Location: Do not share your location with a person that you don’t know.
  • Secure Your Computer: This is a long process. If i write about details then i need to make a new post about “How to make you PC secure!”. You can also search google about this. There are many articles around the world about this topic.  but you can do something  like Update all of your software and OS. Specially take a took to “Flash Player” and Internet explorer!
  • Careful about link: Every external link appear on newsfeed is not secure..Even if someone message you any link about “Interesting” is not interesting at all if you trust him! Because his/her account was get hacked or they are sent you message through scam, Who knows? careful about links!