SECUPENT Won BASIS Outsourcing Award 2015!!!


SECUPENT Founder and CEO Shadman Tanjim receiving the award.

We feel proud to announce that, SECUPENT won BASIS Outsourcing Award 2015 in Start-up Category on last 2nd November at the Diploma Engineers Institution, Kakrail, Dhaka. BASIS (Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services) is Largest IT Association in Bangladesh. And this award is best award in Outsourcing industry in Bangladesh. This is really excellent feeling for us. We would like to thanks all our clients and partners. You guys select us, and that’s why today we are in here. And now we can tell that, SECUPENT is one of the best startup in Bangladesh. But it’s just beginning to our journey. We want to go long way and want to build a strong and creative Cyber World. All SECUPENT’s Team feels that, trusts that and wants to do that.We ensure that our company recognizes its social responsibilities as a member of society, while fulfilling the demands of its stakeholders, contributing to the betterment of society. And our mission is our Tag line, “Aim to secure the modern internet.” . Hopefully You guys will support us.


BASIS Outsourcing Award 2015 in Start-up Category for SECUPENT.

Our Services: 

Website penetration testing: Web applications are popular targets for the cyber criminals now-a-days. While you’re storing your data in your database, there can be enemy lurking outside to gain unauthorized access to your system to handle confidential and sensitive files. A Web Application Penetration Testing is a methodological approach to finding out the vulnerabilities in your Web Application system. Vulnerability is a flaw or loophole in any system or application that enables third party to exploit that application.

Network penetration testing: The safety of a service depends on the expertise of the team delivering the service and on the state and stability of the target(s). SECUPENT has special network security team for protecting your Network. All members of the SECUPENT Research Team are certified in Vulnerability Research and Exploit Development.  The purpose of Network Penetration Testing is to identify the presence of points where a threat (defined by the hacker) can align with existing risks for cyber attack. The tests are delivered at root level that are slightly elevated from that which are likely to be faced in the real world (unless reduced by customer requirements). Testing at a lower than realistic threat levels, such as with methodologies that are driven by automation, is ineffective from a true security perspective.

Server penetration testing: It’s the method of testing where the areas of weakness in server systems in terms of security are put to test to determine, if ‘weak-point’ is indeed one, that can be broken into or not. There are a many of reasons for performing a penetration test for your server. Discover known and unknown(Zero-Day) vulnerabilities of your system before someone get access of it. Everyday black or grey hat hackers are compromised many servers, and next server can be your one.  But if you penetrate your server from an expert cyber security company   they can  officially report them so that management will approve the resources necessary to fix them. Having a second set of eyes check out a critical computer server is a good security practice. Testing a new server before it goes on-line is also a good idea. We will work with vulnerability scanners  and also do manual penetration testing. So there is no chance for false positive and highly chance to get better vulnerability detection.

Advance CMS security:  WordPres, Joomla, Drupal, Magneto are most popular content management system in this time. Because of easy customization and user friendly user interface. And also they are also most targeted application by Hackers. Hundreds of thousands of joomla, wordpress site are hacked, compromised, defaced, data leaked by attackers (Mostly known as hackers).
Over 100,000 WordPres sites were infected with malicious malware, reminding everyone just how vulnerable they were. WordPress’ popularity means that it’s one of the easiest to use content managers around, but it also makes it very appealing to hackers and spammers.
You have to believe that many of CMS’s is not secure by itself. Many website has been compromised by their own core exploits.
So it is prove that it’s not only your or wordpress fault for causing hack attack. It can be your extra plugins, Themes or your hosting company even if you using VPS.
So that’s the reason why we start this service. Now you must think what SECUPENT will do in that case? And The Answer is, ” We just a team who are always serious about security. After giving us your contact the word Security is our headache.

Exploit Development:  Exploit is some kind of script for take advantage of vulnerability. Some people find vulnerabilities in random or targeted software then they are develop exploit for attack! Although everyone is not use exploit for attacking or bad use. There are some good people around us! Even law enforce team need that for their work. We have an professional and trusted exploit development team, everyday they are discovering new vulnerabilities.

Cloud Security: Many of organization using Cloud platform for their business. This is very latest and better technology today’s world. But bad thing is There are many security issue associated with Cloud Technology cloud computing poses several data protection risks for cloud customers and providers. In some cases, it may be difficult for the cloud customer (in its role as data controller) to effectively check the data handling practices of the cloud provider and thus to be sure that the data is handled in a lawful way. This problem is exacerbated in cases of multiple transfers of data, e.g., between federated clouds. On the other hand, some cloud providers do provide information on their data handling practices. Some also offer certification summaries on their data processing and data security activities and the data controls they have in place, e.g., SAS70 certification.

System Management:  Systems management refers to enterprise-wide administration of distributed systems including (and commonly in practice) computer systems. Our Systems management service can save you from many stress and work, Which will be come from your IT infrastructure. Centralized management has a time and effort trade-off that is related to the size of the company, the expertise of the IT staff, and the amount of technology being used:
For a small business startup with ten computers, automated centralized processes may take more time to learn how to use and implement than just doing the management work manually on each computer.
A very large business with thousands of similar employee computers may clearly be able to save time and money, by having IT staff learn to do systems management automation.
A small branch office of a large corporation may have access to a central IT staff, with the experience to set up automated management of the systems in the branch office, without need for local staff in the branch office to do the work.
So systems management needed for everyone in business. And We can promise you, we will give you best services in industry.

Vulnerability Management: In computer security, a vulnerability is a weakness or flaw which allows an attacker to gain unauthorized access into sensitive information. Vulnerability is the intersection of three elements: a system susceptibility or flaw, access to the flaw and attacker’s capability to exploit the flaw. Vulnerability Management is the cyclical practice of identifying, classifying, remediating, and mitigating vulnerabilities. Enterprises need streamlined solution that automates the vulnerability management process, facilitate optimum IT operations, and support time-consuming audits. Our Vulnerability Management service will do daily vulnerability detection operation in your system. We will check all new zero days and notify you for patching. Also we support development updates. So you don’t need any other management service. You will get all in same package.

Research and Development: In this service we work for innovation, which is not only in Cyber Security. We do many other areas research and critical development related work. We are connected with several startups and some research lab. If you need to build something innovative and don’t know how to do it. Then we are the right place for you.


Team SECUPENT, Mirpur DOHS office.