How to Check your WordPress site with WPScan



Checking your wordpress site using WPScan is not much difficult as you think. I will show you how can you successfully scan the site vulnerability. But you will happy to know that wordpress is worlds one of the most secure CMS(Content Management System). I am using Kali Linux for example because it has some preloaded tools for testing So let’s get started.

Open WPScan from you Application/Web Application Analysis/wpscan then you will get a terminal screen like this. You will also see your available plugins in your tools.




In terminal type those code :

wpscan –-url /* your wordpress URL */


Note : the sign /* */ is means the comments. Don’t mix it with your url. You can simply replace the /* your wordpress URL */ to your target URL.

You may also notice that you need to update your wpscan. If you don’t need update then skip it.




Wait for some time to scan your target site.




The sign with red [!] is possible vulnerability. You can see all details in terminal.
There is a way to scan wordpress site theme and plugin vulnerability.
To scan theme, type this code
wpscan --url /* your target site URL */ --enumerate vt
If you want to check installed plugin, type this code
wpscan --url /* your target site URL */ --enumerate p
Also you can check author information. To do this type this code in same Terminal.
wpscan --url /* your wordpress URL */ --enumerate u




You can force to check password by typing this code wpscan –url Your site URL –wordlist Path to wordlist –username Username to bruteforce –threads Number of threads.


wpscan --url /* your site URL */ --wordlist /* path to wordlist */ --username /* username to bruteforce */ --threads /* number of threads */


You may ask that where is word list ? There is tools called CeWL. There you have to create your own word list. Then give the directory to access your txt file. Also This is not guarantee that you will get password from all site. If you get lucky you can get it.
Here is the sample page result.