How to Check your Joomla Site vulnerability with Joomscan



Using Joomscan is not very difficult to use. Someone scare about Kali Linux that “It’s very hard to work or very complex”. but check how simple is it.

I will show you from beginning to end of site scan. I prefer Kali Linux because It has much vulnerability tool itself.

Open terminal then type those code to scan your target website. wait for some time to scan your target site.

joomscan -u /* your target website URL */

If it find some Vulnerabilities You will find the massage “Vulnerabilities Discovered”. Look at this sample image it’s find some vulnerabilities.



Wait for complete the scan. After scan you will find all details about Vulnerabilities. Here is some vulnerabilities examples.



When the scan is fully complete then you will see some logs at your terminal like : How much time taken to complete scan, How many vulnerability found, etc.




That’s it. Isn’t it simple to scan your target Joomla Site ?