Most of Mac’s are vulnerable to permanent backdooring

Apple’s Mac is second largest OS in this world. I know you are pretty happy with your new Mac which has one year old. But did you know that you Mac is vulnerable to attack remotely? That can overwrite the firmware and attacker can take control of your Mac! The attack, according to a blog post published Friday by well-known OS X security researcher Pedro Vilaca, affects Macs shipped prior to the middle of 2014 that are allowed to go into sleep mode. Vilaca’s exploit can reflash  Mac’s BIOS using functionality contained in userland, where your installed application and drivers execute. So that mean, This exploit can totally destroy your Mac OS, this is really bad!

Apple Firemware Exploit

Last year a similar exploit was released name “Thunderstrike” that can also take over access your mac but it needs brief physical access  but Vilaca’s exploit doesn’t.


Now, what about the patch or how we can fix Vilaca’s Exploit? 

Apple fixed this vulnerability to new Mac who was bought from mid-2014. But unfortunately, they don’t care about old Macs,  The only protection against the vulnerability is to never allow your Mac to sleep. Stay awake, stay safe!!

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