5 Internet Security Mistakes You Should Avoid

Internet is getting very popular for people now a days. Specially innovation of Smartphone changes the thinking of whole world. One study says Mobile Adoption is growing at a rate 8 times faster than web adoption. Total Number of Mobile Users will be 5 Billion by 2018. As mobile phone users increasing fast, crime to happen over the internet as well. Hackers are become very smart and they are finding new ways to steal your valuable information. So this is the right time for you to take Internet Security extremely seriously.

It’s not too hard to keep yourself save from those hackers. some problems we know but we do not take it seriously. But this period of time everybody should be a bit careful about those little mistakes which could be solve by an hour.


Here are 5 Internet Security Mistakes You Should Avoid


1. Password
Password is like a key and most important part in Internet Security. But people really doesn’t care and set simple password which they can remember easily. Do you feel that, someone knows your Facebook password and check your Inbox regularly? This is the most embarrassing situation ever could happened to you.
So in order to keep your accounts secure, you need to be creative. Never use same password for all account you have. Develop your own unique password consisting of random letters (capital and lowercase), numbers, and symbols.
Do Not Ever set your password as PASSWORD or 123465. Those are the most used passwords in the world.


2. Using Public Networks without Protection
Public networks could be very harmful while saving your data plan. Places like Airport, caf├ęs, libraries might be convenient for you to stay connected but could cause you serious damage.
Just to let you know anyone with the right equipment could take control over your device and steal your personal information. This equipments are not too expensive or hard to use.
So next time, use your own data or come on! when you outside, forget about your device, socialize with your friends and family and stay away from your Phone.


3. Downloading Unknown Files
Sometimes we realize that our PC is become slow. We try to figure it out but we fail to understand that unconsciously we downloaded unknown files. download a free software from a unknown source, is a source of malware in disguise.
When we allow them to download, they become activate and we are giving permission for that program to wreak havoc inside of your computer before you can possibly fix it.


4.Giving too much Personal Information
One common mistake we always doing is providing too much personal information to social networking sites, blogs and others places. I saw few people put their exact address to facebook and twitter.
Personally I don’t want to let my friends know where I am living specially my door number. We forget that friends in social media are not all my real friends. Probably 50of them deserved to know my address.
We should not publish our most important email address, home address, phone number, vacation plan to Facebook, Twitter etc. This is the time when we should take care of our over sharing habit.


5. Free Virus Scan
You will see lots of ads flashing on your screen “Free Virus Scan”
“Free Speed Test”
“Scan Now”
Don’t even bother to look at those ads. 90% of them are scam. You don’t need those scans if you are using Anti Virus Software.


In today’s technology -heavy world, it’s very important to understand what we are publishing in World Wide Web. Your information could be access by a hacker from thousand miles away. Cyber Crime is one of the biggest threat for modern world. So it’s our duty to keep our self safe from the people who trying to steal information from us. If we follow the simple rules, no one can harm us.